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Padraig O’Kane is the real deal. He has a Masters Degree in guitar and has spent 30 years honing his beginner guitar program at music colleges around the world. Now we offer his class to you, taught by Padraig himself, and on your time. We guarantee if you stick with him you will master the guitar like you’ve always wanted.

  Structured Curriculum

We won’t offer you a cluttered collection of poorly made videos, updated every 24 hours. Our curriculum is specifically designed to go from beginner to advanced, across all genres including blues, rock, and country. Our lesson plan will develop the skills of a novice, and tighten the skills of an intermediate. And all lessons were meticulously designed to build off each other and produced in the best HD quality.

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Sign up today at no cost and get instant access to our entire Core Curriculum with Padraig, over 60 hours of guided lessons and practices. We guarantee you won’t find a better program online to teach you guitar in the fastest and most complete way possible, while also keeping it fun.

Want a guarantee?

If we can’t teach you and keep you engaged we will happily return your money.

Padraig has spent decades perfecting his program and we spent years bringing it to you online, 24/7 across all your devices.

Here at RTG, we believe that if you don’t learn to play guitar with us, then you won’t find the motivation anywhere…yes we are that confident.

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