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With the Raw Talent Guitar curriculum, students have a 99% success rate with our course’s HD videos and lead instructor, Padraig O’Kane, former professor at the University of Miami, featured in over 60 hours of footage from our two camera shoot.


You’ll learn all of Padraig’s tricks! We guarantee you’ll improve no matter your experience level, and to prove it, we’re giving you access to our course for 2 Weeks for Free!

  RTG Curriculum

From beginner to advanced, with all genres including blues, rock, and country, our lesson plan will develop the skills of a beginner, and tighten the skills of an intermediate. Our guitar lessons are filmed with multiple HD cameras and compatible with any mobile device or computer.

  Song Lesson Library

Our Song Tutorial Instructor, Marc Quadagno, is a former touring musician and professional songwriter who will show you the hidden techniques of the pros while you learn a new song. Our “How To Play” lessons are part of our Tutorial Tuesday song lesson series, available in our library, with a new video released every Tuesday.

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Signup today for Free and get instant access to our entire Core Curriculum with Padraig, over 60 hours of instructional practice lessons and our How To Play series, where we upload a new song weekly. You will also have access to our extra teaching tools, chord charts and libraries, our free eBook and product discounts.

From 0 to Hero.

Our guided course takes you from your first lesson to jamming on stage.

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Parts of the Guitar


Finger Picking


Minor Blues in E


Pinch Harmonics


Power Chords


Finger Tapping

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