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Lesson 24.1 – Introduction to Slide Guitar

Slide guitar is the style of play where the guitarist alters the pitch of the strings using a slide instead of pressing the strings against the frets. Slide guitar has been a favorite technique among blues, jazz, country and soul musicians for over 100 years.

Slide Types

There are some options when it comes to which type of slide to use, and many opinions on which is best. Just as in most aspects of the guitar, the choice on which type of slide to use is a matter of personal preference. The different types of slides are:

Glass Slides

Glass slides are usually a bit lighter than than the others and give a very smooth, even tone. They are more suitable to soloing and short passages.

Brass Slides

Brass slides give the famous bluesy tone commonly associated with old blues style slide guitar. They are more difficult to use than glass, as they are more likely to cause string buzzing. They also require regular cleanings to keep them from getting gunky from use.

Ceramic Slides

Ceramic slides give off a fuller, duller tone than either glass or brass slides. They are typically heavy and more difficult to use, so they are not recommended for beginners.