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Lesson 30.2 – Introduction to Funk Strumming

Funk music is different from Rock, Blues and Country in that, as the guitarist, you are not the “lead” instrument. The guitar takes on a rhythmic role, often playing a simple 2 or 3 chord progression for the entire song without any variation. Your goal as a funk guitarist is to
act as a percussionist by throwing in muted strings to create groovy rhythms that emphasize the rhythmic aspect of the music.

In order to achieve a funky rhythm guitar vibe, you must first focus on your fretting hand. While you will be playing simple chord progressions, you will also be playing percussive clicks with muted strings. To do this, slightly release some pressure off of the strings while maintaining contact with your fretting hand (Lesson 8).

Try this first funk strumming pattern with Padriag. Make sure when you’re strumming the muted strings that no sound comes out.