Check out a preview of one Padraig’s lessons. We gurantee you won’t find a better instructor or program online to get you mastering the guitar.

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“This is so cool! This is perfect for my son – he’s learning how to play guitar now.”

Kenny G
– Musician

“I was waiting for someone to come up with something like this. This is so cool!”

Pat Monahan
– Lead Singer, Train

“This is great how it teaches people to play the guitar. We need more guitar players out there.”

Dave Mustaine
– Lead Guitarist, Megadeath

“This is a really interesting program. I bet it’s going to teach a lot of people out there.”

Zach Brown Band

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I get charged during my free trial?

No – you will never be charged during your free trial. You are able to cancel anytime during your trial period to avoid being charged.

How do I cancel my free trial or membership?

We make it really easy for you to cancel, like it make it really easy to learn guitar. Just go to your account page and click the cancel membership button.

What happens when my free trial period ends?

You will automatically be charged each month until you cancel, or move onto a yearly membership. You can cancel at any time one your membership starts.

Is the membership really worth it?

If you want the best beginner to pro course, with one of the best instructors in the US – then yes. We promise you will become the guitarist you dream of if you stick with the course.